Program for the VB 42 Contingent

July 18-31, 2011

Brigade Director:  Andrés Morejón Ballarte
Lodging places  : “Julio Antonio Mella” International Camp (CIJAM)
Pinar del Río Hotel
Playa Girón Hotel, Matanzas
Quantity of members:  39 caravanistas

July 18, Monday:
01:30 am    Arrival at José Martí International Airport.  Welcome by ICAP.
Transfer to the Camp. Accommodation and rest.

08:30 am     Breakfast
10:00 am     Floral wreath dedicated to Julio Antonio Mella at CIJAM.
–    Welcoming activity
–    Planting of a tree
11:00 am    Exchange with the Cuban delegation and analysis of the program.
12:30 pm    Lunch at CIJAM
02:30 pm   Conference about José Martí, Cuban national heroe by a specialist from the Office of the Promotional Program of José Martí´s Work and Legacy
Place: CIJAM
05:00 pm    US/Cuba friendly volleyball game.
07:00 pm    Dinner at CIJAM
08:30 pm   Screening of the Cuban film ”José Martí, el ojo del canario”
(José Martí, the canary’s eye)

July 19, Tuesday:
05:45 am   Wake up call
06:30 am   Breakfast
06:45 hrs   Morning informative activity
07:00 hrs   Departure for agricultural labor together with Cuban young people.
11:30 am   Return to CIJAM
12:00  m    Lunch at CIJAM
02:30 pm   Conference: “Current Situation of the Cuban Economy”
Place: Camp Theater
04:00 pm   Meeting of brigadistas
07:00 pm   Dinner at CIJAM
08:30 pm   Screening of a documentary film:
–    “Will the real terrorist, please, stand up?”

July 20, Wednesday:
07:00 am   Breakfast
08:15 am   Departure to Havana City
09:30 am   Meeting with relatives of the Cuban Five.
– Place: Friendship House
12:00 m     Lunch at Friendship House
2:30 am     Meeting with the National Assembly of the People’s Power
–    Conference “The Electoral System in Cuba”
–    Place : Friendship House
04:00 pm   Visit to the Revolution Museum
05:30 pm   Return to the Camp
07:00 pm   Dinner at CIJAM
08:30 pm   Screening of the Cuban documentary: “Las razones de Cuba” (Cuba´s Reasons).

July 21, Thursday:
07:00 am    Breakfast
08:30 am    Departure to Pinar del Río province.
11:00am     Official welcome by provincial authorities.
Brief information about the main features of Pinar del Río.
01:00 pm    Lunch at hotel
02:00pm     Visit to the Ophthalmologic  Center of  “Abel Santamaría Cuadrado” Hospital
04:30pm     Visit to la Casa de Orientación a la Mujer y la Familia (House of Counseling for Women and Families). Exchange with the Cuban Women Federation (FMC)
–    Place : FMC Headquaters
06:00 pm    Accommodation in the hotel.
07:30 pm    Dinner at hotel.
09:00 pm    Recreational activities in the hotel. Welcome Cocktail.

July 22, Friday:
07:00 am   Breakfast
09:00 am   Voluntary Work at the Marti´s Forest of the Botanic Garden
12:00 pm   Lunch at hotel.
03:00 pm   Visit to a day-care center
04:30 pm   Meeting with the Veterans of the Cuban Revolution Association.
07:00 pm   Dinner at hotel.
08:30 pm  Meeting with artist-creators, organized by Hermanos Saíz Association.

July 23, Saturday:
07:00 am   Breakfast
08:00 am  Participation in the Provincial Ceremony for the 58 Anniversary of the 26 of July Actions.
12:00 p.m   Lunch in the hotel.
02:00 p.m  Tour in the city, visit to a cigar factory, House of the Habano and House of Rum
07:00 p.m  Dinner at hotel.
Evening: Free time

July 24, Sunday:
07:30 am   Breakfast
08:30 am   Departure to Viñales. Visit  to the Monument: “Malagones Memorial”,
The Indian’s Cave and the Mural of Prehistory.
01:00 pm   Lunch at the Mural of the Prehistory complex.
02:30 pm   Free time in town
05:00 pm   Return to Pinar del Río.
07:30 pm   Dinner in the hotel.
Evening: free time

July 25, Monday:
07:00 am   Breakfast
08:00 am   Departure to Matanzas province
01:30 pm   Arrival to Playa Girón
–  Welcome by the provincial authorities
–  Accommodation in the hotel and presentation of the program.
–  Lunch at hotel
–  Visit to Playa Girón Museum
07:00 pm    Dinner at hotel
08:30 pm   Visit to a Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR)
– Celebration of the anniversary of July 26th.

July 26, Tuesday:
07:30 am    Breakfast
08:00 am    National Political Activity on the anniversary of July 26. (On television)
Free time/ Time at the beach
the occasion of its 20 Anniversary.
01:00 pm    Lunch at hotel
–    Free time / beach
07:00 am    Greeting from the Venceremos Brigade to “Juan Rius Rivera” Brigade
08:00 pm    Dinner at hotel

July 27, Wednesday:
07:30 am   Breakfast
09:30 am   Meeting with the Cultural Project  “Korimacao”
11:30 am   Return to the Camp
–    Lunch at restaurant on route to the Camp
05:00 pm   Arrival at CIJAM
–    Accommodation
07:30 pm   Dinner at CIJAM
08:30 pm   Meeting with young people from the Hip Hop movement.

July 28, Thursday:
05:45 am   Wake up call
–   Breakfast
06:45 am   Morning informative activity
07:00 am   Departure for agricultural labor
– Work together with young Cuban people
11:30 am   Return to the Camp
12:00 pm   Lunch at CIJAM
02:30 pm   Conference: “Cuban Judicial System. Fight against  corruption”
Place : Camp
04:00 pm   Meeting for the preparation of the brigade´s  return.
07:00 pm   Dinner at CIJAM
08:30 pm   Collective birthday

July 29, Friday:
05:45 am   Wake up call
–   Breakfast
06:45 am    Morning informative activity
07:00 am    Departure for agricultural labor together with FMC (Federation of Cuban Women)
11:00 am    Return to the Camp
11:30 pm    Lunch at CIJAM
01:00 pm    Departure to ICAP
03:00 pm    Meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
–    Presentation “Cuba-US current relations”
04:30 pm   Conference by CENESEX (National Sexual Education Center)
06:00 pm   Return to the Camp
08:00 pm   Cuban night and farewell activity

July 30, Saturday:
05:30 am   Wake up call
06:30 am   Breakfast
07:30 am   Departure for Havana City
08:30 am   Homage to Rev. Lucius Walker
10:00 am   Transfer to ICAP. Free time in the city.
06:00 am    Return to the Camp from ICAP
01:00 pm   Lunch at CIJAM
08:30 pm   Dinner at CIJAM
09:30 pm   Brigade evaluation meeting and meeting with ICAP
–    Information about the productive results of the voluntary work
10:30 pm   Meeting of the Brigade board with ICAP for the projection of future work

Domingo, 31 de julio:
06:30 am    Wake up call
07:30 am    Breakfast
09:00 am    Departure to the “José Martí” International Airport to take the flight back to the US.


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