Undercover Agent Emilio: “I have always been and will be a revolutionary”

Yesterday, feb 28, members of the Association of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC) paid homage, in Havana, to Carlos Serpa Maceira, agent Emilio of the State Security, who ratified that he has always been and will be a revolutionary.
Serpa, who was presented the condition of Member of Honor of the organization, had been working undercover since 2001 as independent journalist and spokesperson of the Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White).

He expressed his satisfaction of having done his duty; he referred to sad moments in his life like being away from his family; and pointed out that even though he went through very difficult moments, he was always faithful to his country, to the Revolution, and to the example set by the five Cuban antiterrorists imprisoned in the US for trying to prevent terrorist actions against Cuba.

Serpa added that agent Emilio will continue in the struggle in a different battle field.

The president of UPEC, Tubal Paez, highlighted Serpa’s stoical and risky work, which contributed to prevent counterrevolutionary actions.

Colleague Maray Suarez talked about her indignation and hatred towards the supposed independent journalist, feelings that today have turned into gratitude and pride.

She added that he really confused us, and hoped for those who will replace him to be as true revolutionaries as he is. Carlos Serpa Maceira and Moisés Rodríguez, also agent of the State Security, were interviewed for the production of the documentary “Peones del Imperio” (Empire Pawns), broadcasted over the weekend by the Cuban Television.

The documentary condemns the plans of aggression by the US Government and right wing anti-Cuba groups based in Miami, against Cuba.

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