Hope and Power

Dear all,

Attached you could find a marvelous and nice poem written by Benjamin Ramos  who was Venceremos brigade member of the 2010 edition. All Cubans who worked with this Brigade, take this opportunity to thank Benjamin for this poem which summarizes all the activities carried out during the program and the affection all Cubans gave to the Venceremos brigade.

Hope and Power

By Benjamín Ramos Rosado

“I am the metamorphised butterfly
The phoenix after the ashes
The first rays of sun light after the storm

I am the first tear of the chuavinist man
The woman who has accepted her power
The 16 year old voting for the first time
The first mango we picked
the first good shit after days of diarrea
the first good shit after no days of shitting at all

I am the 5 day old baby we met on our way to Caimito
I am the calabaza seed Pupo just planted
I am the Fierce Queens in el Mejunje sashaying and being faggotty and proud

I am the little girl in Cienfuegos who danced and didnt care about the choregraphy, like haydee said…Ï am the Choreography!

I am all the arguments in the battle of ideas
I am the molotov cocktail that brought down the trains
I am the 23 soldiers that took down 300

I am the first smile after the revolution
I am Cienfuegos winning the emulation
I am the Cuban soldier who stepped foot on Angolan soil
I am the cuban soldier who got to leave Angola alive

I am the first poem written in years
The first poem performed since college

I am Che, Fidel, Céspedes, Camilo, Marti and
I  am all the women that made those men great

I am Cuba, I am the past, present and future
Intertwined in a intricate lattice, many of us are just starting to understand

I am the mistakes, the fuck ups, and imperfections,
that the revolution is trying to solve

I am the evolution of revolution,
as a solution to the pollution
that tries to keep me down

I am Cuba, I am home, I am hope, I am power, I will win…venceremos”

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2 Responses to Hope and Power

  1. Ben:Gracias por este pedazo de ti,que ya no te pertenece.Nos retrataste en versos.Ya lo copié de aquí y lo tedré a mano para esas ocasiones especiales en que necesitamos tener más y más fuerzas para , a lavez que no debemos creernos cosas,tenemos que confiar en que somos capaces de hacer tantos amigos valiosos como ustedes que viven en el monstruo y le concone las entrañas.un abrazo,los esperamos e el VI Coloquio en Holguín,kenia

  2. Jorge says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful and poignant poem, Ben. It just moved me to tears as I read the poem. The verve and poetic acumen of every verse is truly touching, and utterly compelling. One of your favorite cubanos, Jorge Smith.

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