VB’s encounter with the relatives of the Cuban Five

Havana, July 22nd.- Fernando Gonzalez’s wife, Rosa Aurora Freijanes urged the US People to bolster the cause of the Five, and stated that the solidarity toward these patriots during the plight in which they are, is of the utmost importance in their judicial proceeding. Rosa Aurora also expressed the need to have a blitz on this unjust case, and to join in the outcry of the inmediate release of the Cuban five.

¨The US government has tried to split them up and to disseminate them all over the US territory with the final aim of making them plead guilty of hatching and committing espionage against the US government¨, stated Magali Llort, mother of Fernando González. Llort also explain to the brigadistas everything related to the current situation of the case of the Cuban Five. Fernando’s mother also stated that the rest of the inmates that remain in prison with worser criminal records get astounded when they see the Five Patriots’ behaviour and wit.

Kathe Karlson, who is the one in charge of the VB ( Venceremos Brigade), condemn the economic, comercial and financial blockade against Cuba, that Washington has just maintained for 50 years.

Fernando and René, together with Ramón Labañino, Gerardo Hernández and Antonio Guerrero, were given long sentences, during a judicial proceeding, for the sole reason of unmasking the US endeavors to bribe people and sponsor terrorist organizations that act against Cuba, from the South of Florida, with the US complicity.

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