The VB takes part in a lecture on culture and identity

Last July the 21st, the VB participated in a lecture on¨Culture and Identity¨delivered by Dr.Eduardo Torres Cuevas. The Cuban historian started his exposition providing the conception of culture and its importance on every country, as well as the concept for the word Criollo. Afterwards Dr. Cuevas also gave Jose Marti’s definition of Patria, like ¨Homeland is Humanity¨, and for everyone’s well-being, regardless of race or creed, and this is where different cultural trends intertwined, and resulted in what was called by the Cuban anthropologist, Fernando Ortiz¨La Cubanidad¨, which is the new quality of the Cuban people as a result of that mixture. Torres Cuevas also stated that the difference established among social classes lead up to racism in any society.

In the end the VB members asked many questions broaching cultural habits and customs of the cuban revolution.

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