– The members of the 41st Contingent of the “Venceremos” Brigade visit Matanzas and Cienfuegos provinces

On the morning of July 12th, the brigade went to Cardenas municipality to visit the Museum of the Battle of Ideas, where they were received by its director who explained the origin of the so called Battle of Ideas and the social function of the museum which has become a community cultural center. At the end of this visit, children and young people performed a cultural show with typical Cuban songs and dances. All brigade members were very satisfied with this visit and with the exchange with Cuban children. During this activity, the brigade was all the time accompanied by the provincial delegate of ICAP in Matanzas.

On the afternoon of July 12th, they continued they journey heading Cienfuegos to develop a program of activities in this province. They attended an official welcoming ceremony at Jose Martí Park held by representatives of the local authorities such as Yuliet López, First Secretary of the Young Communist League, Lázaro Zequeira Pérez, Secretary of the Provincial Assembly of the People’s Power; Omar González Naranjo, official of the Provincial Committee of the Cuban Communist Party who pronounced the welcoming speech. Officials of the political and mass organizations, as well as the provincial delegate of ICAP María Proance, and the media (television, radio, local and national press) were also attending the ceremony.

A wreath to our National Hero was laid by the oldest and the youngest members of the brigade. Afterwards, member Malcolm Sacks spoke on behalf of the brigade. The ceremony ended with the slogans End the blockade, Free the Cuban Five, Long life to Fidel and Raúl, Long life to Cuba.
They were received at the hotel with a cocktail and a cultural activity performed by “Así Son” duet.

Many brigade members together with the Cuban officials watched the appearance of our Commander in Chief at the Round Table TV program, expressing positive opinions about his strength, intelligence and good aspect.

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